Double eligibility criteria for government and opposition leaders | Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites 2016
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In Prime Minister Imran Khan's new Pakistan, the double standard of eligibility for government and opposition politicians was exposed when the Election Tribunal declared Faisal Wawda, who had concealed his dual citizenship, eligible to contest the Senate elections. He disqualified Pervez Rashid for not clearing the dues of his Punjab House. In other words, Wawda, who was lying and cheating, was found to be honest and trustworthy, while the defaulter of Punjab House was declared incompetent, even though he insisted on clearing his heels till the last day to clear his dues. Moreover, the concerned authorities were instructed that they would not collect dues from Pervez Rashid under any circumstances. Sadly, the Returning Officer had earlier refused to hear the objections against Wawda outright and now the Election Tribunal has said that our powers to decide on the nomination papers of any candidate are limited.