Open voting will endanger members of parliament | Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites 2016
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Opposing the presidential reference filed in the Rem Court for holding the Senate election by open ballot, PPP lawyer Senator Raza Rabbani has said that under Article 226 of the Constitution, there can be no secret ballot but only 'secret ballot' and if If a decision is taken to hold the Senate election by open ballot, then the members of Parliament will be at the mercy of the Deep State. He referred to the "disappearance" of 20 presiding officers in the by-elections in NA-75, saying "how can a state which has failed to protect its officers protect its members?"
Representing the opposition during the hearing of the presidential reference in the Supreme Court, Raza Rabbani argued that even if the right to secret ballot was taken away, the members of the Assembly would be in trouble at the hands of the Deep State. He said that the votes cast would not be recognizable